Cloud infrastructure

Griddo is a Cloud platform distributed in SaaS mode where security is non-negotiable.

For this reason, a strong commitment has been made to infrastructure in the cloud that guarantees robustness, continuous availability of assets as well as the ability to anticipate security breaches with the immediate cost savings that this entails.

Infraestructura Cloud

Composable Architecture

The product is structured according to the technical design principles of modular architecture, which allows complex systems to be built with simpler interoperable components. The MACH architectural pattern allows to imbue modularity and reusability. Its main advantages are:

Built in Javascript

Griddo is entirely built in Javascript, the most popular language for web development. Its stack relies on the power of Node and React, the most popular technologies among the web developer community. With Griddo you will create sites:

Technology stack

API first architecture

Decoupled architecture over flexible APIs.
An API for each context. Private API and Public API.


Integration with the ecosystem

The advantages of the integrations are transversal to the product, because they help to integrate it with the internal tools deployed by the IT teams that will be the sources of communication information.


Connection with third-party tools

Griddo gets along with everyone to enhance the possibilities of communication and conversion.


Centralized management of all your sites

Complete control of the publication of sites with the focus on conversion.

Create and publish in minutes

Ultra-flexible modular system to provide consistency and scalability.

Connect everything you need

Streamline your workflow by integrating the tools you are already using.

Build the story of your educational institution with Griddo

We invite you to discover all the capabilities that Griddo can offer.


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