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Griddo is a multi-site and multi-language DXP that allows the centralized management of all the digital assets of an Institution. Thanks to its modular system, Griddo allows the reuse of content which results in a great improvement in efficiency as well as a considerable reduction in Time to Market.

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Finally: Content is King

Griddo treats content container structures in a completely new way, breaking with the established model of the rigid template. In Griddo, a template is a starting point that can be molded or extended over a liquid layout, so that the container always adapts to the content.

Thousands of possibilities, literally

Thanks to the fact that the styles are embedded in the modules and are easily modifiable as simple parameters, the result is a type of multivariate module that provides enormous richness due to its innumerable combinations.

Consistency and simplicity

Thanks to Griddo's embedded design system and its parameterization, valuable flexibility is achieved when creating content thus ensuring that all assets have a coherent and consistent brand image.


Griddo Images is Griddo's Digital Asset Manager (DAM). Its complete integration allows access to assets from multiple points of the interface. Griddo Images stores, optimizes, transforms and serves the images making their direct application a tremendously simple and accessible process.

Image optimization

Significantly improve build time and take advantage of the integrated modular system normalized to your brand standards providing consistency and scalability.

Optimized images without any effort

Preview images as they load

Assets automatically managed

Instant Multi-device Preview

Check in the interface how the final content will look on desktop, tablet or mobile. In addition, you can send a link of the page under construction to preview it on any device.

Full autonomy

Griddo is a tool capable of providing complete autonomy to marketing teams offering maximum benefits.

IT teams minimize their operational interactions with marketing, improving efficiency and peace of mind and benefiting from the security and reliability inherent in the platform's technical architecture.

Centralized management of all your sites

Complete control of the publication of sites with the focus on conversion.

Create and publish in minutes

Ultra-flexible modular system to provide consistency and scalability.

Connect everything you need

Streamline your workflow by integrating the tools you are already using.

Build the story of your educational institution with Griddo

We invite you to discover all the capabilities that Griddo can offer.


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