Outstanding charging time

Griddo does whatever it takes to reduce loading time: reduces latency by optimizing the size of files and images as well as minimizes http calls and compresses files. In addition, the pages are usable almost immediately by reducing the TTI, assigning load order and applying preloading techniques.

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Create landing pages in a matter of minutes

Consistently reuse web components to build landing pages without the need to use third-party tools, thus achieving operational and management efficiencies.

User Management

Control versions, users and roles through a simple control panel.

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Role Assignment

The use of permission-based discrimination enables traceability and access to different functionalities, facilitating the collaboration with external agencies and/or partners.



Griddo allows the management of the complete information cycle adapted to the workflow, the authorization process or campaign planning.

Exclusive Design System

The Design System, implanted in the heart of the product, is created for each Educational Institution according to its brand identity and the type of content it needs to communicate.

SEO Management

These are some of the features that you can easily manage in Griddo's SEO editor, fully integrated into the interface.

URL Redirect Manager

This functionality allows advanced management of redirections, facilitating the implementation of migration strategies.

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Comprehensive integration with Analytics

Integrate your measurement tools in Griddo directly from the interface. Configure its multiple options to achieve all the control you need.

OpenGraph & Structured Data

Easy creation and editing of OpenGraph tags and structured data to adequately define any type of content that we have on any site: courses, articles, podcasts or whatever you need, as well as distributing it through social networks as well as chat tools.

Centralized management of all your sites

Complete control of the publication of sites with the focus on conversion.

Create and publish in minutes

Ultra-flexible modular system to provide consistency and scalability.

Connect everything you need

Streamline your workflow by integrating the tools you are already using.

Build the story of your educational institution with Griddo

We invite you to discover all the capabilities that Griddo can offer.


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